Rajat Kapoor Felt Ashamed


OMG another bollywood celebrity accused for Sexual Harassment, this time bollywood renowned filmmaker Rajat Kapoor name came forward for sexual harassment.

Recently all the fans of Rajat Kapoor was in shocking moment when one of Twitter user came forward and tweeted in his post that two women were sexually harassed by filmmaker.

According to sources a journalist who is said to be sexually harassed by filmmaker in 2007 came forward and shared telephonic conversation when she was interacting with filmmaker, according to her while interacting on phone filmmaker asked for her vital stats and he also made a comment adding you sound sexy.

According to sources one more woman came forward and gave statement that Rajat Kapoor kept calling her continuously for film shoot in 2007 and he also asked her to find a empty house where he can alone shoot with her.

Well soon after sexual harassment tweet got viral Rajat Kapoor immediately took twitter and apologized adding “All my life I have tried to be a decent man, to do the right thing. If however, I have slipped and through my actions or words caused pain or hurt or trauma to absolutely anybody, please accept myapology.

It seems Tannushree’s bold action against sexual harassment has given strength to other victims to come out and raise voice against sexual harassment.


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rajat k

Another setback for actor turned filmmaker Rajat Kapoor, this time MAMI has dropped him out of their upcoming Mumbai Film Festival.

According to sources MAMI has decided to Keep Rajat Kapoor’s movies out of Film Festival, as he is been accused of Sexual harassment. Apart from this MAMI has also decided to drop AIB from upcoming event by keeping AIB’s “Chintu Ka Birthday” out of Mumbai Film Festival.

While interacting with media spokesperson of MAMI has disclosed that we have released an official notice stating that Rajat Kapoor’s directorial project “Kadakh” will not be part of MAMI event.

Spokeperson of MAMI further said we have taken this initiative to deal with sexual harassment and misbehavior happening in work places. We are looking forward to create a special bench which will deal with these kind of matters by taking appropriate action against accuse.

However recently Rajat came forward and apologized public for misconduct he has done with two women’s

Well we think MAMI has taken good initiative by supporting #MeToo movement against sexual harassment, and for sure it will have positive impact on Industry.

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