Sooraj In Trouble


OMG Sooraj Pancholi is in trouble, as he is been found guilty of provoking Jiah Khan to commit suicide.

We came across news of Jaih Khan’s suicide in 2013, in which it was stated that she was found dead in her apartment, which was confirmed by her mother.

According to latest report Sooraj has been found guilty by Mumbai Session Court under section 306 IPC.

Court took cognizance after going through suicide note written by Jiah in which she wrote Sooraj name adding he has ruined my life.

While interacting with media Aditya Pancholi father of Sooraj disclosed we are not against the verdict of court, we take it with open hands, we are feeling relaxed and happy, that now we can fight real case, anyhow if my son is found guilty court should punish him, if he is not found guilty he should set free.

well going through Aditya’s remarks it seems he has faith in Sooraj, well we have to wait and watch for sometime till final verdict of court comes.

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Bollywood newcomer Sooraj Pancholi praise Hollywood star Sylvester Stalone and Salman Khan for his fitness.

As we all know when it comes to fitness Sooraj is quite fit actor, as he is fitness freak who everyday take some time off from his busy schedule to continue his fitness regime. According to  actor if you want to live healthy life then working on fitness is very important.

According to sources Sooraj runs fitness center in Mumbai from past few years and he is looking forward to open fitness center in Chandigarh for college students who don’t have access to fitness, for this actor is in talk with two colleges.

Actor while interacting with media disclosed I believe in fitness center which also work on Martial art training, as learning self-defence is very must for every person as we never know what kind of challenge we get to face in future, so keeping fit and healthy is my main aim.

Actor further said in Mumabia fitness center he has engaged three martial art experts who are teaching martial art and mix martial art, the best thing about my training center is that number of girls and women are taking interest in martial art training, which is need of today.

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