Zaira Went Though Molestation

zair wasim

Omg it was humiliating experience for Zaria Wasim making her cry when she was harassed and molested during her Air Vistara flight from Delhi to Mumbai.

According to Zaira during her flight one middle aged man sitting behind her seat tried to molest her. She further disclosed man was touching her neck when she was asleep, however she tried to record whole incident academically but she failed to do so due to bad light. Anyhow she manage to capture screenshot of man’s action.

She further disclosed she cried for help from cabin crew but it all went vain. In an Instagram video she has expressed her anger with crew members of Vistara flight.

According to reports after her flight reached Mumbai she immediately took social platform Instagram and shared her experience.

In video you can watch her crying and wiping tears adding “This is not done, I am disturbed. Is this how you’re going to take care of girls?” in end she said “Who is going to help us Girls? If we don’t help ourselves, nobody will come ahead.”

According to latest reports Police has arrested culprits he is identified as Vikas Sachdev, a 39-year old businessman.

According to reports after the arrest of Vikas Sachdev airline issued statement adding “zero tolerance for such behavior”.  We @airvistara have seen the reports regarding @ZairaWasimmm experience with another customer on board last night. We are looking forward to take strict action against everyone involved in such incident and we will support Zaira .

However wife of culprits Divya Sachdev shocked everyone adding my husband is innocent she has done so for publicity stunt.

Well we have to wait and watch what kind of action Police and Vistara authorities take against culprits.

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